Give your team the project management tool that makes their life better. Introducing KMD Projects ! Learn more about why your team needs KMDProjects below.

KMDProjects was developed on a simple but radical premise

The more team members that you can get to want to use this tool to track their work every day, the cleaner their data will be and the better your business analyses will be.

Your number one ally is the team member who has zero face time in the executive meetings that decide the direction and fate of your company’s projects. You need their project data. Valid data.  Clean data. Data they enter into the system not as a mandated duty but as an involuntary by-product of a project management solution that they genuinely value because it makes it easier and faster to do their job. 

KMDProjects can help you implement processes that will elevate your business, delight your clients, and allow you to focus on what's most important. 

We are the project management partner that listens. In fact, we've been honing our products in response to customer feedback since 2008. It's how we keep KMDProjects working in the real world, solving real problems for real clients.

We know you have many choices for selecting a project manager partner. Should you choose KMD, we’re confident you’ll discover more value, better responsiveness, and a robust, personalized experience you can’t get anywhere else. 

Put simply, KMDProjects does it all, in one place, with software that will improve your team’s efficiency and incentivize their participation. 



Powerful Action Grids!

  • New multi-column sort provides virtually unlimited sorting options.
  • With "Drag and Drop" grouping it has never been easier to …
    • Summarize and count your data items
    • Focus on what’s important by organizing your list into smaller sections, hide/show each section when you are ready
  • “Filter As You Type” – results are immediately updated with each key press
    • High performance filtering on every column with every key press
    • Advanced Filtering enables you to ...
      • Filter one or more columns at once
      • Enter multiple filters in one column separated by a comma.


Customize your lists using any theme!  Set a different theme for each of your pages to quickly and easily distinguish between Projects, Deliverables, Reports and Tools.





Putting it all together.  Group by your favorite field, sort by Due Date and Priority and set your favorite Theme.  The result is a truly unique view of your project portfolio.

As Always, all these settings and more can be saved with your user account.  This will make sure you get these settings back the next time to open KMDProjects.


Team Tab!

  • Team Member Deactivation:  We understand that the active members of a Project Team can change throughout the lifetime of a project. You can now deactivate team members without completely removing them from the permanent project record.  The result is accurate role-based reporting with clean/tidy project teams. 
  • Improved “Filter and Find” user list: Quickly find the team member you are looking for by entering just the first few characters of their last name. 
  • “Quick Add” panel at the top gets your team setup with efficiency and accuracy.  Simply select the team member from the list and click Add.  The team member’s project role will be automatically selected.